We Are - Chef Space is Louisville’s first kitchen incubator. This 13,000 square foot facility repurposed the much-loved Jay’s Cafeteria, which had been vacant for several years. While many food entrepreneurs begin in a home kitchen, there is often a need for greater space and more suitable amenities as their business grows. This need for low-cost kitchen space led to Chef Space, which can be rented for hourly or monthly rates. Chef Space offers multiple food preparation and processing stations, access to capital, storage space, and training opportunities for its members. Opened November 2015, Chef Space currently has twenty subscribers, with the capacity for up to fifty entrepreneurs.

Our Kitchen - A kitchen incubator is a shared, licensed commercial kitchen for food entrepreneurs (caterers, food truck operators, bakers and value-added food producers (jams, sauces, candies)) to rent at affordable rates and have access to resources to help build their businesses. We are a fully licensed and certified commercial kitchen with state-of-the-art equipment. Our aim is to add to Louisville’s already vibrant local food scene by creating a community of like-minded entrepreneurs dedicated to producing top-notch products.

Your Business - You are baker, chef, CEO, CFO, guardian of secret recipes, operator of food trucks, overseer of catering. You have big plans, big goals for your business, you just need state of the art space, or more of it. You have what it takes to make it, and a membership with us can only take you to the next level.

Taste Success.

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