Jay’s 120

Do you want to run your own restaurant? Need a space to challenge yourself and test your ideas? Chef Space is proud to introduce Jay’s 120, a new restaurant every 120 days. A fast casual restaurant concept, Jay’s 120 allows Chef Space members the opportunity to test their concepts in a fully licensed kitchen and retail space for 120 days without the risk of high equipment costs or long term leases.

- 500 sq. feet of premium retail space

- High quality equipment library

Chef Space is proud to nominate our members. If you are interested in testing your concept at Jay’s 120, know that all full-time Chef Space member are eligible to participate in the Jay’s 120 program.

Starting January 17th, 2017, Daddy Rich’s will be the first Chef Space member to implement their fast-casual dining concept through the Jay’s 120 program. They will be open Tuesday-Sunday, 11 AM-7 PM.