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“The Best Cookies You’ve Ever Tasted” Now Made in Chef Space

DelectaBites’ cookies, cakes, cake bites, and more are all handmade in small batches by owner Sarah Allgeier.

Sarah began her business in May of 2013, and when CV’s kitchen incubator Chef Space opened in late 2015, DelectaBites was one of the first food businesses to officially operate within the space.

A loan from Community Ventures allowed the already successful bakery to expand supplies, inventory, and marketing efforts.

Since then, Sarah and DelectaBites have been featured on WDRB News in Louisville, making holiday treats live from Chef Space, and continue to make appearances at local markets and food shows.

Specializing in catering for desserts and breakfast pastries, Sarah uses only the best of ingredients and absolutely no preservatives or artificial flavors, making certain that “every bite you take of her famous desserts will be a ‘DelectaBite!’”

A special thanks to our partners at the U.S. Small Business Administration for helping Sarah’s thriving small business grow in capacity.

DelectaBites is located in Chef Space at 1812 West Muhammed Ali Boulevard in Louisville, Kentucky. You can visit them on the web and their Facebook page. To learn more about Chef Space, visit their website.

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