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Andrea Wells

Wells Made, LLC

Member Since 2015

You are baker, chef, CEO, CFO, guardian of secret recipes, operator of food trucks, overseer of catering. You have big plans, big goals for your business, you just need state of the art space, or more of it. You have what it takes to make it, and a membership with us can only take you to the next level.
Since opening our doors in November of 2015, 65 businesses have called Chef Space 'home'.
As these businesses operate, grow and expand, the direct and spinoff economic impact is significant: More than 400 full- and part-time jobs have been created.  We've also graduated a dozen businesses who've moved off-site to their own brick and mortar locations.

On average, each business served by Chef Space grosses $3,000 in revenues monthly, equating to more than $2.2 million in gross revenue for our business owners since we opened our doors. With this business growth comes increased access to capital.

Current Members


Lake Langdon, owner of Marinations Catering, has built his business and menu by offering “food for the soul.” Since opening his business at Chef Space, Langdon says that the experience has helped him mature as a man and has strengthened his self-discipline and decision-making skills. Langdon is also a barber, and he found his passion for cooking later in life. He states, “Being in a barber shop, you need something to eat, and I just started cooking anything I could, and it expanded from there.”

Langdon sees big things for the future. He hopes Marinations Catering will eventually expand into franchising, and Chef Space is guiding him through this process. For now, Chef Space is the ideal setup for Marinations Catering. Langdon relishes the community and sharing a common goal with his fellow Chef Space members.

Our Alumni
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